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Lodging fee

Basic fee per person (Tax included)

  • Simple stay: From 5500 yen

*If only one or minmum number of person will be staying in one room, there will be an additional 700 yen charge per person.

*In general, the bath and bathrooms are shared.
Guests wishing to have a room with a bathroom and bath should consult with us when making the reservation.

Fees for children


7-12 years old      per child

  • Simple stay: From 4500 yen

3-6 years old      per child

  • Simple stay: From 3900 yen

2 years old or younger

  • No charge (Futon and amenities are not provided)


Additional futons:    one set 2200 yen


Japanese-style breakfast: 1100 yen
(Sample menu) Rice, miso soup, broiled fish, cooked eggs, toasted laver (nori), standard menu items, pickled vegetables and tea.

Japanese-style Breakfast for Child: 800 yen

Prior reservation is necessary for breakfast.
Please let us know of any changes by the morning of the day you will be staying (i.e. the day before the breakfast).

Credit Card Payment

We accept cash (JPY), VISA, MasterCard and UnionPay.


There is parking available for up to 3 cars. Cost is 500 yen per car per night. Cost for motorcycles and scooters is from 300 yen to 500 yen.